Set in Lexington, Kentucky, the story takes the reader on a journey through the trials and tribulations of recovering alcoholic, Jack Ramsden, a thoroughbred horse trainer who has a special young horse in his barn. Savant, a three year old colt, is about to become the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby, a fact that has given Jack new hope to turn his life around.

Jack’s life takes a surprise turn when he literally runs into a former lover, Katy Alexander. Katy is a feisty, smart, and good hearted woman with a strong determination to keep Jack at a distance. Jack finds himself totally smitten with Katy, and is equally as determined to make amends for having dumped her twenty odd years earlier, for Josephine Jackson, an ill tempered Texas heiress. Josephine made his life miserable for seventeen long years before she threw him out, and he returned to Kentucky with his best friend, Nate Washington, to pick up the pieces of his life. Nate, a Vietnam veteran who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, has stood by Jack through all of the ups and downs of his life. He is the only person who will tell Jack what he needs to hear, regardless of whether Jack wants to hear it. Their daily life in Jack’s small training operation is punctuated by the foul mouth of an African Gray parrot, along with a lazy German Shepherd, and a stray black cat that has an obsession with the bird.

Savant’s owner, Sid Blackstone, is a high roller with a big problem. He has mortgaged his Texas car empire and has entangled himself with some unsavory loan sharks, unbeknownst to his wife Bunny. A former Las Vegas showgirl, Bunny is clueless about Sid’s problems and enthralled with horse racing, which she knows virtually nothing about. When Sid disappears Bunny is thrown together with Jack to try to unravel the mystery behind the horse’s true ownership, a task that is complicated by the sudden attention of a handsome gangster named Louis Giovanni.

Together, with Katy and her best friends, Todd and Lauren Hendrickson, Jack, Nate, and Bunny attempt to keep Savant running, find out who really owns him, solve a murder, and find out what happened to Sid Blackstone. The story is full of plot twists, heartfelt friendships, good guys, bad guys, and a very cool horse. I hope it will make you laugh, draw a tear or two, and keep you guessing.

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What they are saying (from the Amazon reviews):

“You won’t be able to put this book down! Silent Partner by Karen Jones is a fabulously entertaining book. Her characters have great depth and her storytelling style will paint vivid pictures in your mind’s eye. Be warned, Ms. Jones has the ability to draw the reader in quickly and you won’t be able to put this book down – which can make for some late nights and a significant other who is wondering when you’ll be finished reading it and “back to normal”. Not just for horse enthusiasts, Silent Partner has enough appeal for a broad audience.”

“GREAT Book……You Won’t Put it Down! Silent Partner by Karen Jones is one of those books that you will not put down until the very last word is read. Karen has a way of making her characters your friends and I instantly connected with them. I fell in love with Katy, Jack and Nate and every time the parrot made an appearance I laughed uncontrollably. Silent Partner is a wonderful read. It has all the elements a good book should have….mystery, love, humor and of course………a good horse!! Buy it today, I promise you will love it! Enjoy this read! I certainly did and I am recommending it to all my friends without reservation.”

“Captivating! Silent Partner is a book that sucks you in from the beginning. Books that revolve around any part of the horse industry are my favorties and this one is in that group. Karen Jones has a great sense of humor and she really shows it in her characters. This book really kept me guessing. I hope we get to hear more from this new author, she definitely has a great style. I will recommend this book to all of my friends!”

“GREAT READ! Just finished Silent Partner, by Karen Jones. Could not put it down. Finally, America’s answer to Dick Francis. Well written with lots of twists and turns with characters that are fun to be with. I hope this author has another book in her. She could well be a serious writer.”

Fabulous and Riveting! I loved this book! I did not want to put it down. It had me turning pages with my eyes wide open just waiting to see what awaited me on the next page. With the horses, the mystery, the drama and the relationships, Ms. Jones did a fabulous job reeling me in. My only regret is that the sequel is not yet completed. I will be first in line when it is. Great book!”

Such A Fun Read! Anyone that enjoys mystery, horses and other animals will really enjoy this book, Set in horse country it will keep you wondering what will happen next. The charcters are very real and the author knows her stuff when it comes to the horse industry ! My favorite person was Bunny, I fell in love with her and laughed and cried with her . I cant wait until Karen writes her next book and can picture a whole series springing from this story, ( I hope so anyway ) !”

Very Captivating Book! Silent Partner is a well written book, very interesting and once I started it I didn’t want to put it down. It drew me in and kept me engaged to the end.”

“OH BOY its a good one! The characters are interesting, the pace is exciting, and the story keeps you turning the pages! Loved it!! Initially I was attracted by the connection to KY and horses, but I would have liked it anywhere. And horses are central to the story, so that was great.

Mysteries are my favorite genre, and this writer will definitely make my list. Hoping for another one soon! Thanks, Karen Jones!!”

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