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Please be patient with me while I flounder around to get this blog up and running. I have enlisted the assistance of two wonderful friends to help me learn the blog terminology, which at the moment looks like Chinese to me, but I can only infringe on their time so much in any given day.

“WordPress For Dummies” is on its way to my house via UPS. The pace of blog creation might pick up very soon. I say might because I may well fall below the “Dummies” level when it comes to this endeavor.

The book itself is getting close to publication. For those of you who have lived through the process of writing the book, editing the book, putting the book into the drawer, and taking it out of the drawer, too many times, “close” probably seems like a relative term … relative to the creation of say, the Grand Teton Mountain range.

I know that you who know me, and probably some who don’t, have been hearing about this book for years, thanks to the enthusiasm of my wonderful husband, who from the day I wrote the first sentence, has been telling the world that I am writing a book. But take heart. I got the interior mock up today, which means I’ll have the final mock up within ten days, and with the help of my speedy proofreader, it will be in print within a few weeks.

I wrote a book. Holy cow.


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