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I was detoured right after I received the WordPress For Dummies book. Or perhaps I weenied out after thumbing through the book. At any rate, I’ve been working on the publication of the book, which I think is a legitimate excuse for not finishing the work on this blog yet. But I will. Really.

I’ve had some back and forth on the cover design in the last couple of weeks. I’ve polled all of my friends (I have the dearest friends) and spent hours searching for a horse to put on the cover that satisfies my eye. Not easy.  Trying to describe to the designer what I was looking for just wasn’t working. I haven’t seen the final design yet but I have all fingers and toes crossed that it will be what I had envisioned. If not, we’re going with it anyway. Enough waiting!

This afternoon I will pick up the proofed interior mock up from my wonderful proofreader, Elsa. She and I worked together when I was at American Horse Shows Association. She is an ace proofer, now a music teacher, wife, and mother of two young children, so I’m sure that it was challenging to find time to proof the book for me. She’s a good lady.

By the end of the week it will be in the hands of the publisher in its final form. They will have two to three weeks worth of work to do on it before I’ll get an author’s copy to approve or disapprove. I’m confident that I’ll approve it. It will be available immediately on the Create Space website and on Amazon.com two weeks later. I’m also going to upload it to Kindle, iBooks, and several other electronic readers.

So we’re almost there! The next time I post I hope I have this whole darn blog up and running and a book published!


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