Kindle, iBooks, Sony Reader, Nook … soon!

On September 28, 2010, in Blog updates, by Author

I just called in the Calvary to get the formatting corrected for the eReaders. Uploading to these things isn’t for wimps! Two days of stress and strain, cussing and headaches and I finally said uncle.  I knew I wasn’t alone in my struggles so I got on the Kindle forums and found that a cottage industry has sprung up around correcting the HTML (which is like trying to read Chinese for me) file to make it flow into the readers so that it is readable. Mine was readable but like trying to follow a Yahoo map in its justification.

So if all goes well I should have the files needed to complete the project in a few days. In the mean time, if you’ve read the book and love it, PLEASE post a review on Just go to the Silent Partner page (link is on the blogroll on the right) and scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Create your own review”  and click on it. It’s a simple process and will help drive sales. Thank you in advance!!

Happy reading!


Silent Partner Featured on On The Rodeo Road

On September 23, 2010, in Blog updates, by Author

Anne and Leigh Walkup are the publishers of a great web magazine called On The Rodeo Road which features interesting articles about life on the rodeo circuit. Life long horse enthusiasts, the twin sisters come from a rodeo background and are pursuing barrel racing with their horses. They both work full time, while hauling down the road to barrel practices and events, from spring through fall.  At the same time they are publishing their web magazine. Hard workers and dedicated souls these ladies are!

They featured Silent Partner on September 21st. Thank you both for the exposure! To check out On The Rodeo Road click here.


Buy It On Createspace

On September 16, 2010, in Blog updates, by Author

“Silent Partner” is now available on at: http://createspace.com3443599 . It will be available on in seven to ten business days and I’ll update that information once I have a firm date.

It will also be available on Kindle, iBooks and other electronic readers very soon at a lower list price.

Thanks for checking in!


Made it!

On September 15, 2010, in Blog updates, by Author

The proof arrived yesterday morning. We are in Moab, Utah, and yesterday we hiked in the morning, as much to distract ourselves from stressing about the mail arrival as to enjoy the area. We had a beautiful hike and when we returned the package was here.

I spent part of the day staring at it, picking it up and putting it down, amazed that it is real and that it is so heavy! At 540 pages I’m not sure exactly what I expected. Today I looked it over and decided that it was time to say  YES! Tomorrow I will have information about when it will be available on and where else it will be available.

More tomorrow!


The Pony Was Delayed

On September 13, 2010, in Blog updates, by Author

We arrived in Moab, Utah this afternoon at 2:45. The book was supposed to be here by 3:00 this afternoon via the United States Postal Service. At 5:00 I texted Kadee to get a tracking number. Apparently they didn’t give her one when she sent it. So I wait. While I wait we are going to hike with the dogs, and explore the area. It’s beautiful and that is a giant understatement.

Beating all the drums for a Tuesday delivery! If so it should be available this week!


Pony Express

On September 10, 2010, in Blog updates, by Author

Well, the author’s proof made it to our house, but the mailman wouldn’t leave it without a signature. Dear friend Kadee made a special trip to the house late last night to pick up the package and found a notice on the door. She called and gave me the post office phone number and package number. I called first thing this morning to see if she could sign for it. Yes! So the next hurdle is to figure out where we will be on Monday, and if where ever that is, will take delivery on a package for me. At the moment we are in Santa Fe. Next stop is Taos. Monday will likely be Moab, Utah. I’m nail biting in anticipation of getting the darn thing in my hands!

Stay tuned!


Slow Going

On September 6, 2010, in Blog updates, by Author

I finished WordPress For Dummies this afternoon as we were traveling between Kansas City, Missouri and Wichita, Kansas in the motor coach. I was folded up in the passenger seat, nose in the book, with my little dog Ransom snuggled in next to me, when my husband John looked over at me and started to laugh. I asked him what was funny and he said, “You have those iridescent green sticky things sticking out all over that book.” True. I tabbed the areas of difficulty and interest so that I could go back with the book in my lap and work on the blog. It probably takes me three times as long to add plugins and rearrange widgets than anyone who has a clue about this stuff, but once I learn how to do these things I’ll have it and will be able to make changes at my convenience. If I ever learn how. I’ve gone from feeling so overwhelmed that I had to put the book down and take a walk, to having moments of really understanding what I’m doing. John keeps asking me, “Do you get it yet?”

Not yet. But I’m getting lots of exercise!

I’m now waiting for a hard copy of the Silent Partner from the publisher. Once I get it in my hands and say “YES” it will be available to buy. Everyone keeps asking me how long it will be. I’m getting punchy about saying two weeks, because every single time I say two weeks, it ends up being another two weeks! But I truly think that it will be available in two weeks (just cringed again).

In the mean time I’ll be working on this blog. If you check in and the things look different, don’t be surprised because I’m trying out everything that WordPress has to offer. It’s like a humungous smorgasbord. It’s frustratingly creative!