Character Bio – Bunny Lee Blackstone

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“Call me a fuckin’ whore again, asshole! I gave away a million fuckin’ dollars worth of my ass but I am no whore! Come on! Say it again! I dare you! Bunny Blackstone in Silent Partner

Bunny Blackstone is a petite, blonde, incendiary device.  Now in her mid forties, she is married to Sid Blackstone, a wealthy Dallas car dealer. Bunny, a former Las Vegas showgirl, lives to shop, and she loves her racehorses, in particular their three-year-old sensation, Savant. Her enthusiasm for Savant is in direct proportion to her ignorance of horses and horse racing. Bunny is Savant’s most enthusiastic and most vociferous fan.

Bunny was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana to a single mother. Growing up in meager circumstances left Bunny with dreams of living a life of luxury. Her youthful beauty was the ticket she used to escape Lake Charles. On her high school graduation day Bunny skipped the ceremony and stepped on a Greyhound bus with a one-way ticket to the glittering Las Vegas strip where she began her career in a topless review.  After nearly a decade of working and partying in Vegas she met her sugar daddy, Sid Blackstone, and gave up her career for a life with no limit credit cards, a ten thousand square foot mansion, a new Jaguar every year, and thoroughbred race horses. All was well in Bunny’s world until the day she discovered that her husband was in financial trouble. Big trouble.

Bunny has a penchant for being the center of attention. She transformed her Louisiana Cajun accent into a rough imitation of the Dallas socialites that she worked hard to emulate. The biggest give away to Bunny’s trailer park roots is her inability to speak without peppering her speech with swear words, the F bomb being her favorite.  Try as she might, she cannot seem to stop it from flying, no matter the circumstance, or company she keeps. With a heart as big as her state of residence, a glimmering personality, outlandish taste, and wild sense of humor, Bunny manages to charm her way into the good graces of most everyone she meets.  But you don’t want to cross Bunny. She will come after you with both barrels blazing.

Bunny and her horse trainer, Jack Ramsden, become partners and develop an unlikely friendship when Sid Blackstone disappears, and she is left to determine the future of her racing stable. Together they must try to find Sid, solve a murder, and fend off the attention of a handsome and mysterious gangster who has taken a sudden interest in Savant.  Never a shrinking violet, Bunny is up to the task, but is Jack Ramsden up to dealing with Bunny?


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