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Thank you Melissa for taking the time to read and review Silent Partner!

Silent Partner by Karen Jones: reviewed by Melissa Moore

There never seems to be enough time to immerse myself in a book.  To find one that will keep my attention and keep me awake is a rarity.   I was given Karen Jones’s, Silent Partner as a Christmas gift, with the warning that once you start reading you can’t put it down.  I was skeptical and didn’t have time to read a book.  However, a book with its main location being Lexington, Kentucky was one thing that intrigued me, and the fact that it wrapped around horses and written by someone I know was why I finally decided to crack it open .  On the first day I read one third of the book.  Karen Jones has the ability to bring such passion and likeability to the characters that I was emotionally attached to each of them within forty pages

Jack, the main character, I felt such an affinity for. The fact that he was a horse trainer captured my heart in an instant.  Jack’s girlfriend Katy I felt protective of, and the head groom Nate, had such compassion for his horses that it was touching.  The twist of adding mob involvement and an ex Las Vegas showgirl made this story suspenseful and fun with lots of twists and turns.  Add in an underdog racehorse, Savant, and this is just a great story that demands to be read.  I was emotionally entangled in each of the characters lives and when I finally put the book down so I could sleep, I would think about them and worry about them and could hardly wait to see what happened next.  It took me 3 days to finish the book, which is an amazing feat, since I have no extra hours in my day.  I was sad when I finished as I knew I would no longer be involved in their exciting world of racing and the passion that drove these characters and the love they had for each other and for the horse!

If you love horses, romance, mystery, an old fashion love story and suspense this is definitely the book to read.  I can absolutely promise that once you get started you will not put it down.  The characters lives will fill your heart, and the heart of the horse will touch you forever.  Silent Partner is a MUST READ for all of you who love horses and the people who surround these animals.  And if you aren’t a horse person, the characters are so well developed and the suspense of the story will keep you turning the pages!

The worst part about reading this book was the when I was finished; I felt like I lost a few of my best friends.  Their lives became part of mine and I have missed them.  I can hardly wait for Mrs. Jones to complete the sequel to this entertaining and riveting book!  This is a MUST READ for all you horse people.  And for those who aren’t horse people, the characters are so well developed and the suspenseful story so well written that anyone will enjoy it.

Well done Karen Jones! I can hardly wait ‘till the sequel!!!!!!!!